What are the chances of getting dengue fever in Bali?

While a 0.3 to 0.4% chance of infection might sound small, it is too high for many people to be comfortable with, especially those of us who travel to Bali with young children.

In this regard, how likely is it to get dengue fever?

However, base on previous researches, the risk to develop dengue infection (symptomatic) among travelers is considered to be around 1% per month [1]. The majority of cases (more than 90%) will be mild, only small percentage of cases will develop severe disease [2,3,4]. Fatal dengue cases among travelers are rare.

Furthermore, are there many mosquitoes in Bali?

A common question we are asked is “Can you get Malaria in Bali”? Malaria is transmitted by a night biting mosquito. The risk of exposure is very low in Bali, particularly when the stay is restricted to the main tourist areas.

Can you die if you get dengue fever twice?

When Dengue Strikes Twice. They come down with dengue hemorrhagic fever and suffer massive internal bleeding and liver damage. Oddly, the virus causing dengue fever comes in four strains, and immunity to one seems to make infection by a second strain more dangerous.

What medication is illegal in Bali?

SLEEPING PILLS AND OTHER MEDICATION As well as sleeping pills, Australian prescription medication including strong painkillers containing codeine and medication for ADHD are among those banned from Bali.